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Jamie Benidickt

Jamie B. with Big Pig Brown
Jamie B. on Cellphone
Jamie B


Some of Jamie’s earliest memories of fly fishing were watching his mom tie flies in the back of a pickup camper for his dad while traveling through the Rockies in the summers. He caught his first trout on a fly when he was five years old.  That sparked a lifelong passion to pursue any fish that could be fooled into taking a fly.  Mowing lawns in the summers to buy fly rods, when the old man told him to save his money for “real things”, trying to keep from flunking out of college instead of ditching class to fish “slide” on the Upper Madison, wild canoe rides on Henry’s Fork “chasin” the salmon fly hatch were just many of the adventures that have fueled the passion throughout his career.


Jamie tries to install that sense of adventure, fun, and passion in his clients.  During his 22 years of guiding and outfitting in the Rockies Jamie has learned that with a little bit of adventure and fun teaching comes fun learning and makes better passionate and lifelong flyfishers.  Jamie currently is a pro staffer for RO drift boats, Winston fly rods, Hatch reels. He also is a product tester for Simms waders, and is a field consultant for Bass Pro shops fly fishing division

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